Featuring the music of Jay Jackson

VOCAL Youth Create Wholeness is excited to feature two songs by Jay Jackson.

Jay is a 28 year old university student studying Music in Ontario, Canada. At 23, Jay was diagnosed with anorexia. At 24, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He spent a year in and out of psych hospitals, wondering if he was ever going to be able to move on with his life and follow his dreams. Jay turned to music to get him through hard times, and started learning how to understand himself. Jay knew from a young age that he was transgender, but in learning to express himself through music he discovered how to finally own that part of himself, and last year, started the transition from female to male. Jay loves musical theatre, and is currently writing his third musical. He hopes to get this one produced in a local theatre festival.

You can stream two songs by Jay below.

More work from Jay can be heard at http://www.jayjacksononline.com